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Dog Car Seat Sizing Guide to Help you choose the right size Dog Car Seats.

What size should I be getting for my Pet?

Measuring Snoozer GuidesMeasure twice and order once!

If you notice on our product pages we try to cover all aspects of the dog car seat you are considering for your loved one. Our pages will list the various sizes with dimensions showing the inner part of the seat.

You will want to first measure your dog in a sitting position. If you small pet likes to lay down, you may consider a larger car seat to accomidate their comfort. You may even consider the lengths of time you know you will be traveling with your pet. Until your pet gets comfortable with their new car seat, they will most likely want to sit in an upright position. We have noticed that since your pet knows he can see out of the windows with ease, they will almost always be in a sitting position

If you are uncertain even after measuring your pet, we always recommend going with the larger size. If by chance the size you order is too small, it will need to be returned for the correct size. If thw seat is a tad too big, you mind find your pet prefers the extra room and comfort and can live with the choice. Returning shipping can be costly on some of our larger dog car seats, so as mentioned eariler, measure twice and order once.

Pet Size for Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat 'Lookouts' and the 'Perch'

Dog Car Seat SizesWe offer 4 Lookout Dog Car Seat Sizes to choose from: Console Lookouts for teacup size dogs, Small Lookouts, Medium (Oversized) Lookouts, and the Large (My Buddy) Lookout (which fits only in your back seat.) Keep in mind that the Lookout series were specially designed with the dog in a sitting position. We have also come to realize that a lot of our customers would like their pets to be able to lay down if they prefer. So if you are one of the customers that would like to see their pet lying down or at least have the option to, the we would suggest the Oversized Lookouts and/or the Perch but first follow the advice below and then return to the dogcarseats page to decide and order.

If you want to be sure your pet can lie down in a particular Lookout, take a piece of newspaper or butcher paper and cut it to the interior dimensions of each Lookout. The interior dimensions of the Lookouts are given Here. Place your pet on each piece of paper and have it lie down. That gives you a visual representation of how your dog will fit lying down in each of the Lookouts. This takes some work, but it is better to take this time now, than to buy the wrong size and bear the expense and trouble of returning the product.

Most of our sizing recommendations that are listed in this guide are geared towards the Snoozer car seats, but as a general rule will pertain to all the pet car seats found on our site.

Our website comes with a very nice Compare feature that can allow you to view the different types of car seats and their specialties features. Under the products you will see 'Add to Compare' that will allow you to list as many as you wish for optiminum comparision.

As always, if you have any unanswered questions you may phone us at our toll free 800 number that is listed above and speak with one of our knowledgable product specialist or click on the live chat icon on the top of the header on this page.